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6th September 2021

Our latest review depicting the exploitation of non-covalent interactions in selective carbohydrate chemistry as an emerging theme in contemporary carbohydrate chemistry is published in Nature Reviews Chemistry! Link

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1st July 2021

The Loh research group thanks the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation for a generous 900,000 Euros funding for supporting our exploration into utilizing unconventional noncovalent interactions in selective carbohydrate synthesis!

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30th September 2020

Our latest publication in Nature Communications depicts the power of XB catalysis to elicit quantum tunneling in the rate determining proton transfer step of 2-deoxyglycosylations. Check it out! Link

8th March 2019

Our research demonstrating the first case of a multi-stage halogen bond (XB) catalyzed strain-release glycosylation which unravels non-SMO Hedgehog signaling inhibitors is currently online in JACS! Link

3rd October 2018

Our research group's first independent paper is published currently in Nature Communications! Link
Impressive job by Chunfa for the superb effort spearheading strain-release glycosylations using ultra-low loadings of thiourea.

We are a dynamic research group situated at the the Max Planck Institut für Molekulare Physiologie and are co-affiliated with the Technical University of Dortmund.  Currently, we are actively involved in synthetic methodology development of noncovalent catalysis in carbohydrate chemistry, for more information on our research, check out our research interest page.

We are always seeking for enthusiastic organic chemists seeking to further their doctoral studies or their post-doctoral research in an exciting and challenging environment. We highly value scientists who show exceptional aptitude for out-of-the-box thinking and aspiring to revolutionize modern synthetic methodologies with a chemical biology outlook. If you are interested in embarking on this adventurous research endeavour with us, feel free to contact Dr. Charles Loh for more information.

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